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Subordinate Court Registry Office

Civil Magistrate Court Registration Unit

  • Regulates the staff of the Civil Magistrates Court Registry.
  • Approve all drafts, clean orders/judgments for Magistrate Court cases.
  • Approve all cases of Writ of Distress and Summons of Judgment Debtor and Writ of Execution for the Magistrate Court.
  • Approving the registration of new Civil Magistrate Court cases.
  • Managing the preparation of statistics for the Kuala Berang Civil Magistrate's Court.


Criminal Magistrate Court Registration Unit

  • Regulating the staff of the Criminal Magistrates Court Registry.
  • Issuing Arrest Warrants, Search Warrants and other applications from the authorities and signing Arrest Warrants, Orders, Orders to Present, Summons, register books and other related matters including bail matters for arrest cases.
  • Signing and approving subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses to Court for trial.
  • Managing the preparation of statistics for the Kuala Berang Criminal Magistrate's Court.
  • Managing the Duty Schedule of Magistrates and Interpreters for remand matters under Sec.117 KAJ, Sec. 259 KAJ, Sec. 334 PPE and PPE.